Experts at the Center for Leukemia work together to provide each patient with the most advanced cancer care.

All patients of the Center for Leukemia have nurses and nurse practitioners who specialize in leukemia treatment, as well as social workers, nutritionists, physical therapists and other professionals on their care team.

Hematology & Oncology

Amir T. Fathi, MD
Program Director, Center for Leukemia
Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School



Gabriela (Gaby) S. Hobbs, MD
Clinical Director, Center for Leukemia
Assistant in Medicine



Philip Crawford Amrein, MD




Andrew M. Brunner, MD




Timothy A. Graubert, MD




Hanno Hock, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School




Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee, MD




Steven McAfee, MD
Assistant Director, Bone Marrow Transplant Program




Rupa Narayan

Rupa Narayan, MD





Meghan Bergeron, NP




Christina Bertoli, NP




Caroline Callahan, NP




Julia E. (Judy) Foster, NP




Jenna Moran, NP





Judith Ann Ferry, MD
Pathologist, Massachusetts General Hospital
Director of Hematopathology



Nancy Lee Harris, MD
Pathologist, Massachusetts General Hospital
Austin L. Vickery, Jr. Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School



Robert Paul Hasserjian, MD
Associate Pathologist, Massachusetts General Hospital
Director, Hematopathology Fellowship Program, Pathology Service



Abner Louissaint, MD, PhD
Assistant in Pathology, Massachusetts General Hospital




Aliyah R. Sohani, MD
Assistant Pathologist, Massachusetts General Hospital




Access Nurses

Linda Kafkas, RN




Andrea Ross, NP




Research Nurses

Aura Ramos, RN




Tina Som, RN




Meghan Vartanian, RN




Practice Nurses

Julie Canniff, RN




Adrienne Casey, RN




Margaret Garvey, RN




Noreen Middleton, RN




Suzanne Markwarth, RN





Amy Annese, RN




Kristen Bodnaruk, RN




Katie Bradford, RN




Kathryn Cirino, RN




Rhys Delaney, RN




Colleen Falzone, RN




Theresa Farrow, RN




Nicole Fugere, RN




Elizabeth Love, RN




Kelly McKennedy, RN




Jessica Rae, RN




Karen Ward, RN




Laura White, RN




Social Work

Jennifer D'Alotto, MSW, LICSW




Eric M. Hanson, MSW, LICSW