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Parenting Series: Planning for a Successful Transition from Pediatric to Adult Care2022-02-02

While families are often very familiar with transitions for their child as they grow and progress, transitioning from pediatric to adult care can seem overwhelming and can often take families by surprise. Evangeline Galvez, MD presents evidence driven elements and resources to help plan a successful individualized transition to adult care.

  • patient education

Parenting Series - Struggling and Strength: Tips to Build Resiliency in Children2022-01-27

When faced with challenging or stressful situations, learning how to adapt and overcome is an important skill for overall wellbeing. This is called building resiliency skills. Aude Henin, PhD, shares tips to help your child or teen cope with challenges or stressors. She also discusses how you can help build a support system for yourself and your family to encourage a sense of resilience in children.

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