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Our team provides patients with virtual visits using video-based programs over a secure Internet connection to the patient’s desktop computer, laptop or tablet. Virtual visits give our patients and families a direct video link with their doctor without having to travel for an appointment. Patients may discuss symptoms and clarify treatment plans from the comfort of their home or another private setting. To arrange a virtual visit, please call 617-724-4310.

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The Neonatal Hepatology Program at Mass General for Children is a multidisciplinary program that draws on the expertise of several specialties, including Neonatology, Pediatric Hepatology, Pediatric Infectious Disease, Hematology, the Fetal Care Program, Pediatric Transplant Surgery, Pediatric Nutrition, Pediatric Surgery, Medical Genetics and Metabolism and Pediatric Imaging. The collaboration allows for the careful evaluation and management of distinct and complex liver disease in newborns.

Under the direction of Uzma Shah, MBBS, and Serguei Roumiantsev, MD, PhD, the program improves clinical care, defines processes and guidelines and fosters academic development and research.

The Neonatal Hepatology Program allows providers to give better clinical care to infants with distinct and complex liver disease and formalizes an already collaborative approach to patient care from various specialties and sub-specialties.

At MGfC, we are in a unique position to have neonatal, pediatric and adult care under one roof. With better clinical care, we can meet our patients’ unique needs and better support patients, families and staff.

Dr. Serguei Roumiantsev

Conditions We Treat

The Neonatal Hepatology Program treats the full range of liver conditions in newborns, including:

  • Neonatal jaundice
  • Inherited metabolic liver disease
  • Biliary atresia
  • Liver failure
  • Neonatal hepatitis
  • Parenteral nutrition associated liver disease

Family-Focused Care

Parents can rest assured that every comfort and convenience has been added to ensure their experience is made easier while their child is in the NICU. Parents are welcome in the unit at any time. There is dedicated parent space at each infant’s bedside and parents may remain at their infant’s bedside throughout the night. Computer stations are available with Internet and email access. Healthy siblings are welcome to visit as well; a fish tank and children’s reading area are located in the NICU for their enjoyment. Families using the Angel Eye system may log in here.

A dedicated social worker helps parents cope with the ongoing medical needs and support required when their baby is discharged. Support and parent advocacy groups and educational programs are available.