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The Neurofibromatosis Surgery team at MassGeneral Hospital for Children manages neurofibromatosis type I and type II as well as variants, such as schwannomatosis. NF I, classic or peripheral neurofibromatosis, is commonly apparent in infancy and early childhood and can include manifestations such as:

  • Facial and orbital plexiform neurofibromas
  • Spinal neurofibromas
  • Brain tumors — optic gliomas, as well as other gliomas
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Peripheral nerve tumors, including sarcomas
  • Cranial dysgenesis with pulsating exophthalmos

NF II, central neurofibromatosis, is much less common in childhood and adolescence than NF I and is usually not apparent until the teenage years. A hallmark of NF II is the presence of bilateral acoustic neuromas (now more accurately termed vestibular schwannomas). Other central nervous system tumors such as meningiomas can occur. NF I and NF II are relatively rare disorders that can cause a number of neurological and medical consequences.

At Massachusetts General Hospital, these patients are followed by a focused multidisciplinary team led by neurologists and neurosurgeons. These physicians are some of the most experienced in NF I and NF II management, for both children and adults.