The pediatric TeleHealth service brings the medical expertise of Mass General for Children specialists to children’s care teams in community hospitals.

MGfC TeleHealth team currently works with community hospitals to enable collaborative care. Using telemedicine video-conferencing technology, specialists in Boston can remotely examine patients and consult with a child’s care team at the bedside, providing medical advice and guidance in real time. The program will be expanding to include physician-to-physician and physician-to-patient treatment services in the future.

The pediatric TeleHealth team currently includes clinicians who specialize in pediatric intensive care and neonatal intensive care. The team is expanding its services to include clinicians from various subspecialities.

The TeleHealth team offers Telemedicine-based educational programs for healthcare professionals, including lectures and simulation-based team training for medical students, residents and staff.

For detailed program information, please email us or visit the Mass General TeleHealth page.

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