Our mission is to enable more personal, more affordable and more efficient ways of giving care that unleashes the expertise and creativity of our providers and supports the gathering of patients and providers at the times and places best suited to their needs.

Virtual Visit Program

This program allows providers to have follow-up visits with their patients in the comfort or their home through a video connection.

External TeleHealth Programs

This program empowers community administrators and providers to seek consultative advice from Mass General hospital specialists.

Learn more about Advisory and Licensing Services

Program License and Advisory Services

These services will help your organization design, optimize and scale your own telehealth programs including, but not limited to, finance, technology design and contracting frameworks.

Telehealth in the News

View recent articles and listen to podcasts featuring physicians and administrators discussing how they use virtual care programs to expand care delivery to their patients and remote communities.

Research & Clinical Trials

Our faculty and researchers are exploring the impact telehealth can have on access, patient experience/satisfaction, certain clinical conditions and other key issues.

Inpatient Programs

The CareTeam Connect Suite has programs that allow family members, interpreters and specialty providers to connect with their patient through a video connection when they are admitted to Mass General.

Virtual Care Connects Patients and Families During COVID-19 Pandemic

Tablets serve as personal devices for patients to connect with family and loved ones while admitted at the hospital.

Video Intercom Communication System Enables Safe Care of COVID-19 Patients

The VICS program enables patients to communicate with their care team using a computer tablet to protect patients and providers.

Health Care Providers Use TeleHealth to Practice Physical Distancing

Virtual rounding enables physicians to collaborate through videoconferencing to practice physical distancing while treating patients.

Users of the telehealth service communicate, collaborate and share their information remotely using familiar and easy to use tools. These tools allow providers to interact with patients—and each other—in a way that is most convenient and best suited to the patient's medical needs. The Center for TeleHealth puts Mass General at the forefront of a national shift toward providing patients and the community high-quality, convenient virtual care options to augment the traditional ways in which medical care will be delivered.

Knowing we had an additional resource for our team in an acute situation added options for decision-making and direction in care. Building relationships with the NICU providers through telehealth has made the OB/Pediatric team better equipped to handle complex situations, and it has become a natural response to consider telehealth as a resource in problem-solving.

Melody Narramore MSN, RN, NPD-BC

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