The Coordinated Care That TSC Individuals Need

The Carol and James Herscot Center for Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) at Massachusetts General Hospital was created in 2005 for the express purpose of delivering specialized care for a growing population of individuals suffering from TSC.

Diagnosis and care for each person seen at the Center follows a personalized clinical monitoring plan based on age and previous medical history. Such plans ensure that everyone receives the specific combination of medical, psychological and social services they require. Individuals with TSC have ready access to neurologists, psychiatrists, dermatologists, cardiologists, radiologists, neurosurgeons, nutritionists, pulmonary and renal specialists, who are all experts in the specific manifestations of TSC, as well as social workers and genetic counselors, to provide support for the unique personal, family and work issues affecting each individual with TSC.

The Leadership of Elizabeth Thiele, MD

Elizabeth Thiele, MD, a neurologist and epileptologist, is director of the Pediatric Epilepsy Service at Mass General for Children and one of our nation's foremost TSC experts. As the director of the Herscot Center, Dr. Thiele brings the benefit of her vast experience caring for and improving quality of life for hundreds of individuals living with TSC and their families, as well as a longstanding commitment to the research and education critical to the improvement of care and treatment of TSC.