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Cerrar la brecha de acceso a la salud conductual en las comunidades de color.

El Proyecto de Integración de la Salud Mental para Promotores de Salud del ABCD está capacitando a 140 promotores de salud comunitarios y sus supervisores provenientes de diversas comunidades de la Mancomunidad. La formación les ayuda a desarrollar habilidades para la abogacía del paciente, a comprender las barreras a la atención de salud mental y a profundizar su comprensión de los síntomas y trastornos de salud mental más comunes.

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Supporting Immigrant-owned Co-ops in Boston, Chelsea and Revere

A group of immigrants from Colombia were able to incubate the Sazón Food Cooperative—authentic Latin cuisine for the East Boston community—while studying business management for entrepreneurs and improving their English language skills to further grow their clientele.

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Personal immigration journey inspires resident to explore careers in refugee/immigrant care

When she was 13 years old, Chelsey Lim, MD, boarded a plane that took her from her home country of South Korea to her grandparents’ town of Moorestown, NJ. Several years later, she recalled her own experience with immigration when she tutored teen and young adult refugees through her university’s afterschool tutoring program. Lim is now a first-year resident at Mass General for Children, where she is exploring career paths that focus on caring for refugees in hospitals and through community health centers.

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Front Porch Story

Providing a ‘Front Porch’ for Parents Experiencing Homelessness and Trauma

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