Getting Started with e-visits:  A Patient's Guide

The e-Visit requires that you fill out a questionnaire and send photos instead. 
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Your doctor’s office has contacted you about an eVisit-– What’s that?

• Your doctor may recommend this for periodic check-in. It is a good option if your skin condition has been stable but your doctor needs to continue safety monitoring.
• Allows check-in to happen asynchronously (you send your part, then later on doctor replies) rather than a video or phone call
• If you are not offered an eVisit, it is because we do not have a questionnaire for your condition yet. Stay tuned – we’re always updating.
• e-Visit cannot replace all your office visits

What is required for e-Visit?

• The one-time registration link will be from:

• Sign up as soon as you get eVisit registration email

  •  Be sure to check your spam folder

• On day of your eVisit, you will get email reminder to log-in 
• Fill out the questionnaire
• Load photo of your affected skin areas
• (If needed) Have labs collected at an MGH-affiliated lab

Example of Request Form for a e-visit.  Enter your birthdate and confirm identity

 Now, sit back and wait for your e-Visit date

 • After you register, you will be able to see dates for any upcoming appointments

It's an e-Visit Day!

• You will get an email reminder that it’s your eVisit day   
From: From:"Office of Dr. ***" 
 Subject eVisits Reminder: Get Labs
 *** is your doctor’s name)
• Please log in and fill out the questionnaire and load photos on your eVisit day, so we don’t delay your care!
Sample of questionnaire for an e-visit

Tips for completing the questionnaire

• If you are experiencing a side effect – include as much detail as possible for your doctor
• There is a space at the bottom of the questionnaire that you can add free-text information that you think will be helpful for your doctor
• You can reach us:

• Weekdays, business hours: 617-726-2914
• Evenings, weekends: 617-726-2000 (main hospital line and ask for dermatologist on-call to be paged)

Tips for taking photos-at least 3 photos!

• Stand in a well-lit room (natural lighting is preferable).

• Ask a friend or family member to take the photos

• Include images from a distance to show how your skin condition is distributed

• Include close-ups to show texture/quality of your skin condition

• If you are submitting a picture of a mole or growth - put a ruler (mm side) next to the lesion and photograph.

• Double check that photos are not blurry (otherwise, re-take)
Photoguide Images of how to take a photo for an e-visit

Get labs collected at a MGH-Affliated Lab

If you have any questions, we are here

• If possible, please message via Patient Gateway    Click on Enroll Now (if you don’t have a login already)
• Weekdays business hours: 617-726-2914 
• Weekends: 617-726-2000 -(main hospital line and ask for dermatologist on-call to be paged)