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The Atopic Dermatitis Clinic at Mass General is a referral clinic that specializes in difficult to treat atopic dermatitis in both adults and children. Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) is the most common inflammatory skin disease in children and adults. It is a complex disease with many causes. It is a long-term inflammatory, itchy skin condition that often develops in early childhood and can run in the family. It can cause disruptions in sleep, work, school, and cause psychological distress.

This condition cannot be cured, but proper treatment can control it. A treatment plan created by a board-certified dermatologist who specializes in atopic dermatitis can help:

  • Reduce flare-ups
  • Ease symptoms, such as itch and pain
  • Prevent eczema from worsening
  • Decrease your risk of developing thickened, discolored skin
  • Keep your skin moist
  • Lower your risk of infection

For more information, please see Dr. Yu’s Mass General Blum Center presentation on Atopic Dermatitis.

What to Expect

The patient’s skin will be carefully examined along with asking information about the patient’s family history, symptoms, and causes of flare-ups. Some people may also need a skin biopsy to determine the correct diagnosis. Previous medical records and treatments, if available, will be reviewed. If necessary, further testing will be performed including patch testing (contact allergy testing).

A customized treatment plan, partnering with the patient and his or her families, will be provided to the patient and the referring physician.

Expert Care

Dr. JiaDe (Jeff) Yu, the director of the Atopic Dermatitis Clinic, is a board-certified dermatologist and fellowship trained pediatric dermatologist who specializes in the care of adults and children with atopic dermatitis. The Atopic Dermatitis Clinic partners with allergists, psychologists, and nutritionists at Mass General to provide comprehensive care for patients with atopic dermatitis. This clinic is unique in New England and at Mass General Brigham.

Dr. Yu believes in partnering with the patient, other specialists, and referring providers to provide the best treatment and follow up options for the patient. Due to his expertise, Dr. Yu has published in leading dermatologic journals, invited to lecture internationally, and is a member of the prestigious International Eczema Council. He is also a consultant and speaker for National Eczema Association and holds numerous leadership positions within the American Contact Dermatitis Society, which focuses on care of people with various forms of dermatitis including atopic dermatitis.

Clinical trials and research are key to our mission at Mass General. Dr. Yu conducts and participates in numerous clinical trials focused on atopic dermatitis giving patients access to novel therapies, if appropriate.

How to Refer a Patient

We welcome referrals and provide timely access to care to ensure your patients receive the highest level of specialty care.

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