The Metabolism Unit offers numerous educational and enrichment opportunities on topics related to metabolism, obesity, and nutrition. Conferences cover a full range of research and clinical topics, with opportunities for shadowing in the Lipid and Metabolic Disorders Clinic. 

Metabolism Unit Journal Club  

Led by Dr. Steven Grinspoon, Metabolism Unit Chief.

This conference is a didactic discussion of cutting-edge articles of relevance to metabolism, obesity, endocrinology, and nutrition. The conference is held each Thursday 3-4 PM. Please contact Courtney Ostrikis,  

Lipid and Metabolic Disorders Clinic Conference  

Led by Dr. Lindsay Fourman, Associate Director, Lipid and Metabolic Disorders Clinic.

This conference is a case-based discussion involving guest experts in the diagnosis and management of common and rare lipid and metabolic disorders. The conference is held the first Friday of each month 12-1 PM. Please contact Dr. Lindsay Fourman, 

Lipid and Metabolic Disorders Clinic Shadowing Experience  

Led by Dr. Janet Lo, Clinic Director.

This experience provides an opportunity to shadow leading experts in the field in the management of complex lipid and metabolic disorders. The clinic is held each Wednesday AM. Please contact Dr. Janet Lo, 

Met U Scholars Program  

Led by Dr. Markella Zanni, Associate Chief, MGH Metabolism Unit and Faculty Mentoring Initiative, MGH Endocrine Division

The Program is a is a monthly virtual lecture series featuring expert clinical and research Faculty from across institutions sharing insights on topics related to human metabolism. Past speakers have included Dr. LaPrincess Brewer speaking on “Promoting Cardiovascular and Digital Health Equity Through Community-Based Participatory Research," Dr. Jose Rivera Feliciano speaking on “A Novel Insulin-Independent Glucose Lowering Activity of Pancreatic Beta Cells,” Dr. Shana McCormack speaking on “Mitochondrial Diabetes,” and Dr. Kristine Erlandson on “Function and Frailty in HIV.” Please contact Dr. Markella Zanni,  

Nutrition Obesity Research Center at Harvard (NORCH) Annual Research Symposium  

Led by Dr. Steven Grinspoon, NORCH PI.

This symposium provides a one-day series of in-depth lectures on a topic of interest to researchers and clinicians in the areas of metabolism, obesity and nutrition. The Symposium is held each June, see for further details. Please contact Esther Bwenyi, 

Nutrition Obesity Research Center Pilot and Feasibility Symposium  

Led by Dr. Takara Stanley, NORCH Pilot and Feasibility Program Director.

This symposium highlights key advances by NORCH P&F awardees as well as lectures on mentorship strategies by senior HMS faculty. The Symposium is held monthly each October. Please contact Esther Bwenyi,