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Over 100 subspecialized radiologists together with imaging technologists, specially trained nurses, residents, fellows and support staff care for patients throughout the greater Boston area. By answering our patients' diagnostic questions, we help set the care direction in partnership with a vast network of world-class healthcare providers.

Robert and Liz McDonald
Robert and Liz McDonald

I feel more relaxed because I know that it was caught early... It’s not hanging over me like a cloud. And because of it, I intend to make the most of my life.

Bob McDonald, Lung Screening Patient
900,000 exams

Scan Volume

Over 900,000 diagnostic exams for inpatients and outpatients annually.


First Radiology Residency

Mass General started the first radiology residency in the US in 1915.


Women in Radiology

30% of our attending radiologists and 35% of our trainees are women, which is higher than the national averages in the US.