What Is Nuclear Medicine?

Nuclear medicine is a field of medical imaging that uses small amounts of radioactive tracer to diagnose a wide range of diseases.

A Note About Tracers

We use the lowest dose of radioactive tracer to get the highest quality images. Radiation exposure is minimal. We limit exposure by carefully tailoring the dose to each patient. The radiation risk is very low compared to potential benefits. 

Types of Exams

PET-CT exams are available at our sites in Boston, Chelsea and Danvers. In Boston, we offer PET-CT services in Suite 260 on the second floor of the Blake Building.
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Cardiac Stress Testing with Images
Cardiac stress testing is available in Suite 260 on the second floor of the Blake Building, Suite 5E of the Yawkey Outpatient Center in Boston, and our imaging locations in Danvers and Waltham.
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Nuclear Medicine Scan
Nuclear medicine scans are available in Suite 205 on the second floor of the White Building at our Boston location.