Our Approach

We have a deep history of advancing medical imaging. We combine our expert skills with the latest imaging technology to answer our patients' diagnostic questions.

    The Mass General Imaging Team

    Mass General Imaging is one of the largest departments at Massachusetts General Hospital. We scan hundreds of thousands of patients each year to help them get the care they need. Our team of diverse radiologists, nurses, technologists and care coordinators looks for every opportunity to understand and help our patients from a wide range of backgrounds.

    Our Radiologists

    Over 100 radiologists in 11 specialties read thousands of images each day.

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    Our Clinical Staff

    Our department staff ensures all patients feel connected, valued and engaged.

    Our Care Coordinators

    Our care coordinators welcome each patient from the many diverse communities we serve and guide them through their visits.

    Patients as Partners

    All patients are welcome at Mass General.

    The History of Medical Imaging

    The evolution of imaging is our past and our future.

    The evolution of medical imaging is our heritage and our future. To that end, we commit ourselves to constant innovation and improvement. I am privileged to lead a group of people who embody a tradition of such high performance.

    James A. Brink, MD

    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

    The DE&I Committee strives to address inequities in health and healthcare and to promote the advancement of a diverse and inclusive workforce.


    First Radiology Residency

    Mass General started the first radiology residency in the US in 1915.

    Radiology Research

    The Department of Radiology is one of the world's largest hospital-based imaging research facilities with over 700 researchers.

    Radiology Professional Services

    The Department of Radiology offers a wide range of professional services for healthcare providers and researchers including radiology practice services, 3D imaging and imaging for clinical trials.