Radiology Practice Services

RCG Healthcare Consulting

With more than 18 years of industry experience and a worldwide client base, RCG's practicing professionals are proven partners in enhancing radiology practice performance. With an advisory board of leading radiologists, administrators, and clients from across 35 states and eight countries, RCG delivers lasting impacts with results that are aligned with providing the highest quality patient care.

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The Teleradiology Service offers 24-hour, final report interpretations; night, weekend and holiday coverage; subspecialty expertise; and assistance with extra workflow to client healthcare institutions.

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3D Imaging Services

3D Imaging Lab

The 3D Imaging Lab offers state-of-the-art 3D views of advanced imaging exams to create precise, anatomical visualizations of the body and assist Mass General providers in diagnostic interpretation.

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Tele3D Service

Our Tele3D Service processes 3D views on a contract basis for client healthcare institutions that do not have an in-house 3D imaging lab.

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Clinical Trial & Drug Development

Cardiovascular Imaging Core

The Cardiovascular Imaging Core is a professional, compartmented PACS/RIS/Data Management facility capable of handling administrative and scientific aspects of large multicenter trials compliant with FDA/NIH regulations. The core also provides qualitative and quantitative analysis of cardiovascular imaging data sets.

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Gordon PET Core

The Gordon PET Core is cGMP/FDA registered PET drug manufacturer that operates at cost to provide investigators with required personnel, equipment and services to design and conduct research studies using positron emission tomography. It is part of the Gordon Center for Medical Imaging.

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Radiology Clinical Trials Program

The Radiology Clinical Trials Program offers contract research organizations, core-imaging labs, biopharmaceutical companies and biotechnology corporations the full spectrum of imaging-related services in support of clinical trials.

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Tumor Imaging Metrics Core

The Tumor Imaging Metrics Core provides objective functional imaging measurements to enhance the efficiency and quality of image-based clinical trials. It is a collaborative effort among Mass General, Brigham Health and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

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Global Health

Mass General Imaging Global Health Programs

Mass General Imaging's Global Health Programs work with healthcare providers around the world to address unmet medical imaging needs and healthcare disparities for vulnerable and crisis-affected populations.

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Global Outreach for Radiation Protection

The Mass General Global Outreach for Radiation Protection Program promotes the safer use of ionizing radiation around the world within the broader context of medical applications.

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