The Department of Radiology's teleradiology service offers clients the ability to work with a single partner that is able to provide subspecialty radiology expertise, general and overflow coverage and after-hours support.

Teleradiology is a comprehensive service provider offering final and subspecialty reports, day or night. We recognize the importance of offering our clients the ability to work with a single teleradiology partner for services including:

• 24-hour, final report interpretations
• Night, weekend, and holiday coverage
• Subspecialty expertise
• Assistance with extra workflow

We will work with you to customize a solution that fits your needs.

24-hour, Final Interpretation Services

We offer final interpretations for all types of exams. Reports are delivered to participating facility by means of direct HL7 Interface to the institution's information system or clinical repository or by fax. After-hours radiology support allows for a continuum of quality of care for your inpatient, outpatient and emergency department operations. Turnaround times for reports can be as quick as 30 minutes. The Department of Radiology is staffed, 24 hours per day, with a group of experienced administrative and technical experts, ready to contend with support issues. The range of our support will allow you to optimize radiologists staffing costs, especially during high volume periods and/or staffing shortages.

Consultations and Second Opinions

Apart from providing general coverage, our subspecialized radiologists are available to assist with complicated diagnosis or provide more comprehensive coverage in the subspecialty areas noted above. We are available to assist with imaging protocols and support of your clinical staff.

Screening Mammography Interpretations

Our Breast Imaging Division provides final interpretations for screening mammography exams. We provide interpretations for either film based or digital exams. The reports are transmitted directly to your RIS or Clinical repository. By sending us your screening mammography exams for interpretation, your breast imaging radiologists benefit as they can focus on performing diagnostic procedures.

Pediatric Subspecialty Services

Our Pediatric Imaging Division subspecialty services provide quality interpretation services for your pediatric imaging examinations. Our service selections include final interpretation services by CAQ certified Pediatric Radiologists and a comprehensive program for dose reduction protocols for CT.

Peer Review Services

In support of the American College of Radiology's accreditation process, our radiologists can provide an independent peer review of the quality and accuracy of interpretations provided by radiologists in your institution. We have several options for peer review, including providing a comprehensive report and overview from our RCG HealthCare Consulting Group.

Our Radiologists

We are proud of our 100-year history of innovation and pioneering radiology developments. We have over 100 staff radiologists with subspecialty education, centrally located to facilitate live consultations with Mass General subspecialty colleagues. Our radiologists are the foundation of the Teleradiology Service’s dedication to a standard of excellence in patient care. We hope our professional services can be of assistance to your organization.