Our care coordinators are the first people you meet when you arrive for your imaging exam.

Our care coordinators welcome you to Mass General Imaging and aim to make sure things runs smoothly for your appointment.

A care coordinator checks in a patient

When you check in, we ask for details including your name, date of birth and insurance. We may ask you to show a photo ID and confirm the exam you are having. We give you an ID bracelet and ask your full name and date of birth again, all for your safety. We may also give you paperwork to fill out. 

For some exams, you may need to drink contrast while you're waiting. Contrast helps us see the images more clearly.

When we call your name, we will show you where to change if you need to wear a hospital gown for your exam.


Your privacy and comfort are important to us, and we are here to help. At any point, please ask questions and let us know if you have any concerns. We can work together to help address them.