Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Imaging

Enhancing Patient Care

The Mass General Department of Radiology is committed to addressing disparities and enhancing equity in local communities. We have created radiology specific initiatives to ensure we do everything possible to improve patient care with community health as our foundation. We strive to continuously meet the needs of our diverse and multilingual populations while addressing critical social needs of our communities, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Initiatives

Learn more about our different initiatives designed to improve patient care and address healthcare disparities in our communities.

Improving Patient Experience

Our department works to grow and support diverse patient populations in care settings and in the community. We ensure patients, families, caregivers and visitors feel engaged, valued and respected. We also identify our underserved patient populations reduce barriers to accessing radiologic care.

Diversifying Research

The Department of Radiology promotes diversity in our research investigators and subject populations with a goal of eliminating health disparities and improving the care of all patients. 

Building our Workforce

The Department of Radiology works to build and sustain a diverse workforce and inclusive environment through creating many training and mentoring programs.

Educating Inclusively

Our department works to address the educational needs of our diverse department and foster an understanding environment where all members feel their backgrounds and skills are respected and valued. We develop programs and opportunities to engage the department, community and future employees.