Massachusetts General Hospital is the main teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School located in Boston, Massachusetts. The Mass General Department of Radiology is one of the world’s largest hospital-based imaging research facilities. We provide numerous and diverse opportunities for clinical and translational research. Our clinical practice includes all aspects of imaging and image-guided interventions spread across 11 clinical divisions: abdominal imaging, breast imaging, cardiovascular imaging, emergency imaging, neurointerventional imaging, interventional radiology, musculoskeletal imaging, neuroradiology, nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, pediatric imaging and thoracic imaging and intervention. In addition to clinical research, there are opportunities to engage in basic science and translational research at one of our affiliated laboratories.

Dr. Florian J. Fintelmann is an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School and serves as the point of contact for this program within the Department of Radiology. He has a track record of publishing peer-reviewed scientific papers with medical students in his interdisciplinary research group. Dr. Fintelmann is a lung specialist and pursues research projects related to quantitative image analysis in oncology and interventional oncology, frequently in collaboration with data scientists, statisticians, surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and pathologists.

Students interested in radiology or related research as outlined above are encouraged to apply for a 12-month long research internship. Research is a team sport requiring commitment and open communication. Success in our fast-paced, interdisciplinary environment requires a high level of intrinsic motivation and the desire to publish their work in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. During their stay, students will work closely with a member of the faculty and will be responsible for at least one research project. In addition, students are expected to contribute to other research projects as needed. The student will contribute to study design, data collection and data analysis. Students will engage in scientific interactions, mainly in the format of meetings during which students will have the opportunity to present their progress to other members of the research group. Importantly, each student will be responsible for preparing at least one manuscript for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Please note that this publication process often extends beyond the stay in Boston and that engaging in patient care is prohibited according to visa stipulations.

Candidates will be interviewed by Dr. Fintelmann and connected to potential mentors. Dr. Fintelmann will guide students through the process of obtaining a J-1 Student Intern Visa, sponsored by the Harvard International Office. Funds for supplemental support may be provided, depending on availability of grant funding to the mentor. Students are encouraged to apply for funding in their home country. There is no deadline for applications. Please note that 6-12 months are required prior to the start date in Boston to allow for the necessary arrangements.


  1. Independent funding to cover expenses for 12 months in the Boston area (USD $31,500/year)
  2. Prior research experience and statistical analysis skills preferred
  3. Curriculum Vitae (in English)
  4. Letter of recommendation (in English)