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Clinical Fellows

Iqra Qamar, MD

Hometown: Pakistan
Graduate Education: Punjab Medical University
Current Projects & Research: Iqra is currently working on MGB Biobank to analyze the association of Depression/ Anxiety and neuro-bilogical markers leading to MACE. She is also interested in cardiovascular risk factors and lifestyle risk factors related to cardiovascular events.


Research Fellows

Thiago Quinaglia, MD, PhD

Hometown: Campinas, SP Brazil
Graduate Education: University of Ribeirão Preto, MD and University of Campinas, PhD in Pharmacology
Current Projects & Research: Thiago is a post-doctoral research fellow. He is certified in Cardiology and Echocardiography and is experienced in Cardiovascular Imaging. His research interests include resistant hypertension, cardio-oncology, endothelial dysfunction, atherosclerosis, arterial stiffness, left ventricular remodeling, and diastolic dysfunction. Thiago is currently working on the STOP-CA and REPRIEVE-MR studies.

Julius Heemelaar, MD

Hometown: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Education: Vrije Universiteit / VU Medical Center, MD, and Ph.D. Candidate in Cardiovascular Medicine at Leiden University Medical Center
Current Projects & Research: Julius is a research fellow at CIRC / Mass General Hospital and a Ph.D. Candidate at Leiden University Medical Center. He uses modern natural language processing techniques to answer clinically relevant cardio-oncology research questions from unstructured electronic healthcare data. Furthermore, Julius works on the REPRIEVE-MR study. His research interest includes cardio-oncology, heart failure, artificial intelligence, and digital innovation in clinical research and clinical practice.

Wesam Aldosoky, MD

Hometown: Mansoura, Egypt
Graduate Education: University of Mansoura, MD
Current Projects & Research: Wesam leverages advanced multimodal cardiovascular imaging techniques (e.g., PET, CT, CMR) to investigate the interplay between inflammatory biomarkers, lifestyle factors, and stress-related activity on cardiovascular and thromboembolism risk, disparate cohorts. In addition, she is studying the relationship between inflammatory imaging phenotypes and calcification using an inflammatory cell-specific tracer (Ga 68 DOTA-TATE). She is also involved in the ARTISAN study that investigates the cardiac effects of Treprostinil on patients with pulmonary hypertension using Cardiac Magnetic Resonance.

Marcel Langenbach, MD

Hometown: Cologne, Germany
Education: Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital Frankfurt, University of Frankfurt, Germany, MD, and Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital Cologne, University of Cologne, Germany, MD.
Current Projects & Research: Marcel is a research fellow at CIRC / Mass General Hospital and a board-certified radiologist at the University Hospital Cologne. He graduated and earned his doctorate from the University of Frankfurt, Germany, and completed his residency at the University Hospitals in Frankfurt and Cologne, Germany. His research interest includes cardiac computed tomography with a focus on coronary artery disease and clinical implementation. Marcel currently works on the PROMISE trial investigating the role of air pollution and socio-economic factors on coronary artery disease. Further, he received a grant from the German Research Foundation (DFG) to investigate the relationship between peri-coronary adipose tissue and coronary artery disease.

Isabel Langenbach, MD

Hometown: Cologne, Germany
Education: Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital Cologne, University of Cologne, Germany, MD.
Current Projects & Research: Isabel is a research fellow at CIRC / Mass General Hospital and is in her 2nd year of radiology residency at the University Hospital Cologne. She graduated and earned her doctoral degree from the University of Cologne, Germany. Her research interest includes cardiac computed tomography with a focus on women and inflammation, coronary artery disease, clinical implementation, and heart valve imaging. Isabel currently works on the INFORM trial investigating the role of inflammation in women with HIV for coronary artery disease. Further, she is involved in the PROMISE trial.

Giovanni Civieri, MD

Hometown: Vicenza, Italy
Education: University of Padua, MD
Current Projects & Research: Giovanni is a research fellow at Mass General Hospital and a general cardiology fellow at the University of Padua. Clinically, he is interested in heart failure, cardiac involvement of systemic diseases, and coronary microcirculation. His research interests include microvascular dysfunction after acute coronary syndromes and cardiac allograft vasculopathy. Giovanni uses data from the Mass General Brigham Biobank to investigate the relationship between psychiatric diseases and cardiovascular risk.

Saman Doroodgar Jorshery, MD-MPH

Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Education: Shahid Beheshti (National) University of Medical Sciences, MD-MPH
Current Projects & Research: Saman is a postdoctoral fellow in the Machine Learning group of the Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard University. Prior to joining the team at MGH CIRC, Saman was a vascular surgery resident at Yale, after which he pursued Machine Learning training at the University of Toronto/Vector Institute under supervision of Canada Research Chair, Dr. Ghassemi. Saman’s collaborative research in the Machine Learning for Health (ML4H) group between UofT/Vector Institute, MIT’s Institute for Medical Engineering and Sciences, and the Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard has resulted in multiple conference presentations and publications. His current research at the MGH CIRC is funded by an Impetus Grant for Aging Research entitled "Understanding ImAging: Discovering imaging biomarkers and genetic modifiers of organ-specific accelerated aging through deep learning of whole-body MRI data”. The aim of the project is to improve early detection, to increase scientific knowledge, and identify potential treatments for age-related chronic disease by identifying individuals with accelerated aging from imaging data who are at high-risk for development of future disease.

Mangun Kaur Randhawa, MBBS

Hometown: Chandigarh, India
Education: Dayanand Medical College, India (MBBS)
Current Projects & Research: Mangun's ongoing research at the Mass General Hospital encompasses several pivotal projects. Her work includes the selective use of FFRCT and its substantial impact on patient outcomes, exploring the epidemiology of coronary artery disease among individuals with HIV in Uganda, researching CTA-derived quantitative imaging parameters in Bicuspid-Aortic Valve associated aortopathy, and the CORODECT project, focusing on investigating MSU crystal deposition in gout patients. Her research also delves into developing a QA and educational tool to correlate CT reporting of coronary artery disease with invasive coronary angiography. Beyond these scientific pursuits, Mangun's skills in medical illustration bring a unique and comprehensive perspective to her work.


Research Staff

Yuji Liao, M.EC – Administrative Manager

Hometown: Zigong, China
Graduate Education: University of Munich, Diplom VwL (Bachelor +Master of Economics)
Current Projects & Research: Yuji works on grants and contracts administration.

Kayla Paradis, MBA, BS - Sr. Clinical Research Program/Project Manager

Hometown: Central Massachusetts
Undergraduate Education: Worcester State University, BS in Biology and Chemistry
Graduate Education: Fitchburg State University, MBA Healthcare Management
Current Projects & Research: Kayla is the Data Coordinating Center (DCC) project manager for the REPRIEVE trial and the project manager for the PROMISE trial. She also provides oversight of general IT/Data Management and QA processes for CT studies under Dr. Michael Lu and Dr. Borek Foldyna.

Hannah Gilman, BS - Clinical Program/Project Manager

Hometown: Stonington, CT
Undergraduate Education: College of Charleston, BS in Biology
Current Projects & Research: Hannah manages the STOP-CA trial with Dr. Tomas Neilan.

Trinity Nguyen, BS - Grant Administrator

Hometown: Saigon, Vietnam
Undergraduate Education: MCPHS University, BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Current Projects & Research: Trinity oversees expenditures of ATRIUM trial, and grant submissions for multiple NIH trials under Yuji Liao. She also handles program administrative and HR issues.

Audra Sturniolo, MS - Senior Data Analyst II

Hometown: Natick, MA
Undergraduate Education: Rollins College, BA in Psychology
Graduate Education: Sacred Heart University, MS in Healthcare Informatics
Current Projects & Research: Audra assists as a clinical research coordinator with the REPRIEVE, PROMISE, and GOLDILOX trials. She also works in data management and IT at CIRC.

Nory Klop-Packel - Clinical Research Coordinator II

Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Undergraduate Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS in Physics
Current Projects & Research: Nory works on the REPRIEVE trial as well as the GOLDILOX-MEDI6570-TIMI69 and ICI trials.

Emilia Norton - BS Clinical Research Coordinator I

Hometown: North Branford, Connecticut
Undergraduate Education: University of Connecticut, B.S. in Exercise Science
Current Projects & Research: Currently working on GOLDILOX-MEDI 6570-TIMI 69 Trial and the UGANDA project.

Kanako Ando, BS - Project Manager

Hometown: Nagoya, Japan
Undergraduate Education: Northeastern University, BS in Biology
Current Projects & Research: Kanako works on the GOLDILOX-MEDI6570-TIMI69 trial with AstraZeneca as well as the UGANDA project with Dr. Mark Siedner. She also handles IRBs for CIRC.

Radhika Barve, BA - Project Manager

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Undergraduate Education: Texas A&M University, BA in Biology
Current Projects & Research: Radhika works on REPRIEVE, EPIC-HIV, Sandeep’s project, and the GOLDILOX-MEDI6570-TIMI69 Trial with AstraZeneca.

Erin Hanlon, BS - Clinical Research Coordinator II

Hometown: Ridgefield, CT
Undergraduate Education: Villanova University, BS in Mechanical Engineering
Current Projects & Research: Erin works with Dr. Tawakol, Dr. Osborne, and their collaborators on numerous studies including PPG-STRIVE, Heart and Mind, CAD Heart and Mind, and DVT.

Jessica Wu, BA - Clinical Research Coordinator I

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Undergraduate Education: Northwestern University, BA in Statistics
Current Projects & Research: Jessica works on Dr. Tomas Neilan's studies including the ATRIUM project.

Jor Sam (Terry) Ho, MPH - Clinical Research Coordinator III

Hometown: Hong Kong
Graduate Education: Boston University School of Public Health, MPH in Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Current Projects & Research: Terry coordinates Dr. Tom Neilan's ICI ATHERO and ATRIUM project.

Peter Donegan - BS Staff Assistant

Hometown: Boston, MA
Undergraduate Education: UMass Boston, BS in Health Sciences, AS in Radiology Sciences
Current Projects & Research: Peter handles CIRC Research personnel for weekly and monthly staff. He acts as a liaison with the GPS International Office, MGH Credential Office, and Harvard Medical School. He also assists with program administration under Yuji Liao and Trinity Nguyen.



Daniel Oo

Hometown: Arcadia, CA
Undergraduate Education: Amherst College, Biophysics and Mathematics
Current Projects & Research: Daniel is working on a deep-learning model to estimate cardiovascular age from chest CT.

Krisha Patel

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Undergraduate Education: Harvard College, Computer Science and Chemical/Physical Biology
Current Projects & Research: Krisha is working on a deep-learning model to identify small arteries/veins using retinal fundus images.

Alexander Cheng

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
Undergraduate Education: Harvard College, Computer Science and Statistics
Current Projects & Research: Alex is working on a deep-learning model to diagnose cardiovascular outcomes from DEXA images.

Anika Walia

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Education: Boston University School of Medicine, MD Candidate
Current Projects & Research: Anika is working on validating a deep-learning model to predict lung cancer risk from chest X-rays.

Nathan Li

Hometown: Cambridge, MA
Undergraduate Education: Harvard College, Computer Science and Economics
Current Projects & Research: Nathan is working with EHR smoking data to compare data analysis methods for use in determining lung cancer screening eligibility and predicting lung cancer risk using ML models.

Natasha Savianu

Hometown: Oradea, Romania
Graduate Education: Amherst College, Neuroscience, and French
Current Projects & Research: Natasha works alongside the Ahmed Tawakol Lab team to study the brain and heart connection. She uses imaging data from the MGB Biobank to uncover the role of stress and other neurological conditions on the development of cardiovascular disease. She is interested in how lifestyle choices can influence or improve the body's response to stress and, ultimately, cardiovascular health.

Hannah Kim

Hometown: Newport Beach, CA
Undergraduate Education: Amherst College, Psychology
Current Projects & Research: Hannah examines the significance of adopting healthier lifestyles in reducing cardiac event likelihood, the impact of psychological conditions on the effectiveness of lifestyle changes on heart health, and potential indirect brain-cardiac connections. Additionally, she contributes to image analysis on PET/CT scans, studying the effect of stress, lifestyles, and diseases on bone marrow reuptake.

Lainie Louis-Jame

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Undergraduate Education: Tufts University, Biopsychology, and French
Current Projects & Research: Lainie is working alongside the Tawakol Lab to study the relationship between the heart and brain. She uses data derived from the MGB biobank to conduct statistical analyses on how lifestyle factors can affect the body’s response to stress and its relation to MACE in patients with depression and anxiety. She also conducts image analyses of the abdomen created by PET/CT to study metabolic activity and its relation to MACE and stress.

Nicki Naddaf

Hometown: San Jose, CA
Graduate Education: MD candidate at the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook
Current Projects & Research: Nicki works with Dr. Ahmed Tawakol to investigate the role of chronic stressors on the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.