The Radiation Safety Committee at Massachusetts General Hospital is the governing body for all aspects of radiation protection at the hospital. It includes all affiliated research, clinical, instructional and service units that use radiation sources in facilities owned or controlled by the hospital and operating under the hospital’s radioactive materials license issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Public Health - Radiation Control Program.

What We Do

The Radiation Safety Committee ensures that all possession, use and disposition of radiation sources by hospital personnel comply with federal and state regulations and specific conditions enumerated in licenses issued to the hospital.

Concomitant radiation exposure at Mass General is maintained following the guiding principle of radiation safety known as ALARA, which stands for "As Low As Reasonably Achievable."

The Radiation Safety Committee meets on a monthly basis via in-person and virtual meetings. To conduct the monthly meetings, a quorum of at least one-third of the Radiation Safety Committee's membership must be present, including the Radiation Safety Officer and the management representative.

All members present at the meeting are entitled to vote. Members who have a conflict of interest relating to committee deliberations must abstain from voting. Between meetings, interim decisions may be made by established subcommittees or by a majority of voting members via e-mail ballot.

Current Members

  • Madan M. Rehani, PhD (Chairman)
  • Melissa S. Knight (Operations Manager)
For the term September 2022 - August 2024 (Members in alphabetical order)
  • Arellano, Ronald MD
    Interventional Radiology
  • Belknap, John B.
  • Borges, Nicolas
    Radiation Safety Office
  • Bradley, William R.
  • Catalano, Onofrio
    Radiology (PET/MRI)
  • Dietrich, Jorg
    Neurology (Oncology)
  • Esfahani, Shadi Abdar
    Nuclear Medicine
  • Gierga, David PhD
    Medical Physicist, Rad Onc
  • Gover, Joanne
    Nursing, Cancer Center
  • Li, Xinhua
    Med Phys
  • Medich, Tara
  • Pomerantsev, Eugene
  • Rodriguez, Karen
  • Sabet, Hamid
  • Westra, Sjirk MD
    Pediatric Radiology
  • Yang, Kai PhD
    Medical Physics
  • Zacharias, Nikolaos
    Vascular Surgery
  • Zeman, Merissa
    Radiology (Nuclear Medicine)
  • Zimmerman, Carl
    Radiology/Martinos (Radiopharmacy)