About Melissa Chittle

Melissa Chittle, PA-C, MBA, joined Mass General Interventional Radiology in 2010, serving as the lead IR Advanced Practice Provider since 2015 and the Associate Director of the IR Clinic 2019. She is passionate about advancing the role of APPs at Mass General as a member of the Mass General APP Executive Committee.

Mel is committed to improving and advancing IR clinical care and its delivery. She has helped create and support multidisciplinary programs such as Mass General Integrated Program for Fibroids, Friday Liver Tumor Clinic and HHT Center of Excellence. 

She has piloted e-visit email follow ups, assisted with developing a process for drain patient tracking and patient engagement, and is helping to implement patient reported outcomes measures (PROMS) questionnaires and initiatives. 

Clinical Interests:




Mass General Interventional Radiology

55 Fruit Street
Blake 298, IR Clinic
Boston, MA 02114

Interventional Radiology in Boston

Physician Assistant

  • Bachelor of Arts and Science - Harvard University, Masters in Physician Assistant Studies - Northeastern University

Masters in Business Administration

  • Cambridge College

Research & Publications

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