About Interventional Radiology Services in Boston

We provide minimally invasive, image-guided therapies to treat a wide range of conditions and diseases at Mass General in Boston. Our subspecialized interventional radiologists, advanced care providers, nurses, technologists and care coordinators all work together to help treat back pain, blood vessel disorders, cancer, fibroids, joint pain, kidney disease, liver disease and muscle pain.

Interventional Radiology Offers Treatments for Many Conditions

Back Pain

We offer many minimally invasive, image-guided therapies to help treat back pain. They include: 

  • Kyphoplasty
  • Nucleoplasty (percutaneous discectomy)
  • Percutaneous interspinous spacers 
  • Sacroplasty
  • Spine injection
  • Vertebroplasty

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Blood Vessel Disorders

We offer many minimally invasive, image-guided therapies to help treat blood vessel disorders including arterial disease and venous disease.

Arterial disease treatments include: 

  • Aneurysm embolization
  • Angiogram
  • Angioplasty
  • CT angiogram
  • MR angiogram
  • MR 
  • Stenting
Venous disease treatments include: 
  • Angioplasty
  • CT angiogram
  • CT venogram
  • Endovenous thermal ablation (EVTA)
  • MR angiogram
  • MR venogram
  • Phlebectomy
  • RF ablation of veins
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Stenting
  • Thrombolysis
  • Venogram
  • Venous embolization
  • Venous recanalization
  • Venous reconstruction

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We collaborate closely with the Mass General Cancer Center to provide minimally invasive, image-guided therapies for many different types of cancer such as adrenal cancer, breast cancer, bone cancer, kidney cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer and neuroendocrine cancer.

Our image-guided therapies for cancer include: 

  • Cryoablation
  • Radiofrequency ablation (RFA)
  • Microwave ablation
  • Selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT)
  • Transarterial Chemoemobolization (TACE)

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As part of the Mass General Fibroid Program in Boston, our interventional radiologists perform uterine fibroid embolization (UFE), a minimally invasive, image-guided therapy to treat uterine fibroids.

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Joint Pain

We offer minimally invasive, image-guided therapies to help treat joint pain. They include:

  • Joint injection
  • Non-spine injection
  • Rhizotomy

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Kidney Disease

We offer minimally invasive, image-guided therapies to help treat kidney disease such as obstructive kidney disease and benign prostatic hyperplasia. They include: 

  • Nephrostomy
  • Nephroureteral stent
  • Prostate artery embolization
  • Suprapubic tube placement

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Liver Disease

We offer minimally invasive, image-guided therapies to help treat liver disease including cirrhosis and portal hypertension. They include: 

  • Balloon-occluded retrograde transvenous obliteraion (BRTO) 
  • Splenic embolization
  • Transjugular liver biopsy
  • Transjugular portosystemic shunt (TIPS)
  • US-guided liver biopsy

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Muscle Pain

Our interventional radiologists offer minimally invasive, image-guided therapies to help treat muscle pain. They include:

  • Botox injection
  • Nerve ablation
We also offer image-guided biopsy, a minimally invasive procedure using a needle to draw out fluid or sample tissue for testing.

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Directions & Details

  • Accessible Access: Ambassadors in Mass General's police and security department can help patients and visitors with special assistance requests, such as getting out of a car or into a wheelchair.
  • Public Transit: The main hospital is conveniently located near accessible public transportation and provides accessible parking and shuttle services.
  • Parking: The hospital in Boston offers patients and their visitors reduced parking rates at Mass General parking garages.

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