Human Sleep Project

In partnership with our collaborators, the McCance Center launched the Human Sleep Project to learn what sleep can teach us about brain health and to leverage that knowledge to prevent brain disease.​

Beyond the Lab: Clinical Trials

Drs. Rudy Tanzi and Gene Bowman discuss upcoming clinical trials at the McCance Center.

Research Shows Exercise Can Reduce Risk of Cognitive Impairment

Dr. Christiane Wrann talks about her research demonstrating the molecular benefits of exercise on brain health, opening the door to potential therapeutic drugs.

Brain Health Begins with Brain Care

McCance faculty position brain care in the spotlight, in this November 2022 Lancet Op Ed.

Familial Risk, Menopause, Spur Patient to Action

McCance patient talks about approaching menopause, her McCance Brain Care Score™, and what she’s doing to preserve and protect her brain health.

Bringing Brain Health Support to Navajo Nation

Dr. Zeina Chemali volunteered with the Mass General Outreach Program with Indian Health Service in Shiprock, New Mexico.

Dr. Rosand Speaks on Brain Care at MGN Grand Rounds

The Mass General Brigham Neurology Grand Rounds featured Dr. Jonathan Rosand in July, on “Changing brain health trajectories through prevention.

Brain Care Score takes center stage at the UN

Dr. Jonathan Rosand presented the McCance Center’s strategy, strengths and progress and the Brain Care Score at the Science Summit of the 78th United Nations General Assembly meetings.

Read about McCance Center patient

Long COVID Patient Pursues Slow, Steady Recovery

Read about how a love of the outdoors, and her kids, have propelled a McCance Clinic patient's journey to recover from Long-COVID. Paciente con COVID prolongado se recupera lentamente.

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Read about SHIELD

Use the SHIELD Plan to Remember to Take Care of Your Brain

Dr. Tanzi’s SHIELD plan can improve your brain health and reduce the risk for future brain disease.

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McCance Faculty Seminar Series

Bi-weekly lectures by world-renowned McCance Center faculty and guests – a platform created to share and educate on emerging research.