MGHers have answered the call. Despite many employees having changing schedules and some staff working from home, people have found the time to make an appointment to give blood at the Massachusetts General Hospital Blood Donor Center. For the past few weeks there has been a tremendous outpouring of MGHers coming to donate blood, and the need continues.

“Staff have gone out of their way to help ensure that the blood will be available for all of our patients in need. It is truly heartwarming to have such support from our MGH family,” says Kim Cronin, manager of Mass General Blood Donor Services. “MGHers from every department—clinical and non-clinical—are stepping up to save lives by donating blood. Our blood supply has been excellent in no small measure to the willingness of staff to donate.”

The need for blood though, says Cronin, is expected to continue for the next several weeks, even months, and she encourages anyone who is able to schedule an appointment to donate. “This will be a long process and we will be depending on the support of our MGHers for the long haul.”

Normally, about 18% of Mass General Blood Donor Center donations come from Mass General employees. In the last few weeks, however about 50% of donations have come from MGHers. Due to physical distancing, the center has removed half of the donor chairs. Despite that, there has still been nearly twice as many donors in the past few weeks than during this same time last year.

“I really feel helpless sitting at home, and this was one easy thing I could do to still help patients. Anyone lucky enough to have their health can do this,” says Jena Depetris, MD, Radiology resident and recent blood donor. “This is one of those hospital needs that can be easily met. I don’t think I’m alone in feeling this way. As physicians we want to help patients, and with so much else not happening right now, this is one way we can still help those patients.”

To schedule a blood donation appointment at Mass General, visit and click on the “Schedule an appointment” button. The next page will show a calendar with available dates and times. Please remember donations will also be needed in the weeks and months ahead.