Dr. Arianna Gianakos, foot and ankle orthopaedic surgery fellow
Arianna Gianakos, MD

Arianna Gianakos, DO, a fellow in foot and ankle surgery, has played a key role in the development of a digital platform for students, residents, fellows and clinicians to discuss gender dynamics in the field and culture of orthopedics. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, Gianakos found that discrimination, inequities and misogynistic behaviors persisted in the still-male-dominated specialty. She herself had experienced mistreatment that was exacerbated by the power imbalance implicit in medical residency and training programs. Founded by Gianakos and a group of peers, #SpeakUpOrtho is a digital campaign that harnesses the power of social media to enable orthopedic students and clinicians around the globe to share stories, ask for accountability and find solidarity. Mass General’s digital research publication, Advances in Motion, recently spoke with Dr. Gianakos to discuss the project in depth.