Bobby's Story

Bobby is a patient of Dr. Christopher Bono, an Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon
Bobby on a long walk a couple of weeks after his surgery with Dr. Bono.

Condition:  Spinal Stenosis with neurogenic claudication
Interests:  reading, travel, discovering and venturing to new places and activities

"My story begins as all others do, with pain. I have had back pain for too many years. It was daily; morning, noon and night. Every minute of every day it was inhibiting my work but much more, it inhibited my life. I had tried every option available to alleviate it: spinal clinic, chiropractic, physical therapy, injections and a surgical consult that left me very uneasy. Nothing seemed to help. Frustrated that it was a cycle with no end in sight, my girlfriend went to the Massachusetts General Hospital website and straight to the top of the list, and there we found Dr. Bono.

From the moment I met with Dr. Bono, I was at ease. He explained my condition to me more thoroughly then it had been and told me in detail what would need to be done to correct it. His words were reassuring and I felt at peace that surgery would be the right decision. The day of surgery came and the staff at Mass General was amazing, from pre-op, through surgery to being admitted for a few days, every doctor and nurse involved was attentive and caring about my recovery. Just hours after surgery, the nurses got me up on my feet. I was overwhelmed that I could finally stand no longer feeling the pain.

In September 2020, I am one month past surgery. I am still recovering but I am able take several walks around the neighborhood daily. Now I am able to venture out and enjoy some of the things that I used to. My journey of healing is not over, but thanks to Dr. Bono and everyone involved at Mass General I can start living my life again."

- Bobby