Miriam, a patient of Dr. Christopher DiGiovanni, with Dr. DiGiovanni

Miriam's Story

A muddy fall on an obstacle course resulted in many ankle surgeries for Miriam, a Mass General patient. She found Christopher DiGiovanni, MD, who was able to get her back on her feet. Read more.


Lily, a patient of Dr. Miho Tanaka, playing field hockey

Lily's Story

Lily, a hight school athlete, tore both her right ACL and left ACL in separate injuries. When she suffered a third knee injury, Lily's mom turned to Miho Tanaka, MD and the Women's Sports Medicine Program. Read more.


Molly, a AVT patient, during music therapy

Molly's Story

When Molly was in elementary school, it was discovered that she had scoliosis. If a back brace was not able to limit the progression of the curve, Molly would need surgery. With a new surgical technique called anterior vertebral tethering, Molly's scoliosis and quality of life have improved. Read more.


Meg, a AVT patient, dancing

Meg's Story

Dance and musical theater have been Meg’s greatest passions since she was 3—and without a critical surgery to correct her scoliosis, her performance career almost ended prematurely. Read more.


Sasha, a patient of Dr. Mudgal and Dr. Waryasz, after several successful surgeries

Sasha's story

As a lifelong competitive athlete, Sasha has experienced three bike crashes. He received care at multiple Mass General locations over several years and worked with teams of orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists to build a multidisciplinary approach to his recovery. Read more.


Elena, a patient of Dr. Fogel after a successful spine surgery

Elena's story

Debilitating low back pain left Elena barely able to stand or walk. After surgery with Dr. Harold Fogel, in the Orthopaedic Spine Center, Elena was able to dance at her wedding. Read more.


Karen, a patient of Dr. Harold Fogel, after a successful complex spine surgery

Karen's story

After falling down in a parking lot, Karen experienced debilitating pain and mobility issues. She found the Orthopaedic Spine Center for a second opinion after her PCP misdiagnosed her. Read more.


Amy, a patient of Dr. Stuart Hershman, after a successful complex spine surgery

Amy's story

Diagnosed with scoliosis as a teenager, when Amy entered her 50s she began experiencing extreme pain due to the scoliosis. Dr. Stuart Hershman, and his team at the Orthopaedic Spine Center, have Amy on the path to recovery. Read more.


Janet, a patient of Dr. Daniel Tobert, after a successful spine surgery

Janet's story

A cyst on her lumbar spine was causing immense pain for Janet. She saw Dr. Daniel Tobert in the Orthopaedic Spine Center to have that cyst removed. Read more.


Emily, a patient who went to the Sports Injury and Performance Clinic as part of the Women's Sports Medicine Program

Emily's story

Hip and knee pain threatened to end Emily's running. She saw the team in the Women's Sports Injury and Performance Clinic and is back to running 30 miles a week. Read more.


Don, a patient of Dr. Harold Fogel, after successful spine surgery

Don's story

Pain in his low back and legs meant Don could not do the things he loved. Dr. Fogel and the team in the Orthopaedic Spine Center made sure he got back to golfing, biking, hiking, enjoying time with this grandchildren. Read more.


Bobby, a patient of Dr. Christopher Bono, after successful spine surgery

Bobby's story

Bobby's spinal stenosis was causing debilitating pain every day. After surgery with Dr. Bono he is back to doing the things he loves. Read more.


Vicky, a patient of Dr. Thomas Cha, after successful neck surgery

Vicky's story

As an avid athlete, Vicky was not going to let constant neck pain get in the way of her active life. She found Dr. Cha and the team in the Orthopaedic Spine Center. Read more.


Harold saw Dr. DiGiovanni for total ankle replacements

Harold's story

Harold's ankle arthritis was keeping him from the active life he wanted, so Harold turned to Dr. DiGiovanni and the Foot & Ankle Center. Read more.


Gary saw Drs. DiGiovanni, Bedair and Jupiter for problems with nerve damage, ankle arthritis, spinal stenosis and knee arthritis

Gary's story

Gary got back to spending quality time with grandkids after seeing the orthopaedic specialists at Mass General. Read more.


Joe had complex foot reconstruction with Dr. DiGiovanni

Joe's story

Joe had complex foot reconstruction with Dr. DiGiovanni after being diagnosed with a disease that damaged the nerves in his legs. Read more.


Anne, a patient of Dr. Thomas Cha, after successful back fusion

Anne's story

Anne was 30 years old and had severe arthritis in her low back. After surgery with Dr. Cha, she found a new lease on life. Read more.


Susan saw Dr. Young-Min Kwon for her avascular necrosis

Susan's story

As a fitness instructor and nurse, Susan could not be slowed down by her hip arthritis. Dr. Young-Min Kwon got her back to doing the things she loves. Read more.