Condition:  ankle arthritis
Interests:  gardening, walking, dancing

I’ve always been active and worked out daily, but in 2010, I started experiencing pain and swelling in both of my ankles. I lived with the pain and arthritis for three years before seeing Dr. DiGiovanni. After long talks with him, we decided that total ankle replacements in both my ankles was the best option.

Before my ankle replacements, I could do not the things I loved doing and the things I needed to do. Going down stairs was brutal. I couldn’t dance, take long walks or work out the way I wanted to.

But after the surgeries, I could walk. I could go up-and-down stairs fluidly. Having that freedom, I felt was well worth the surgery. I’m happy with my decision to have my ankle replacements.

The surgeries have given me my life back. There is no need to live so uncomfortably - it is much more important to live your life.

- Harold