Orthopaedic Research

Our orthopaedic research has led to transformational changes in patient treatments. Our faculty and staff are working on innovative research developing new materials, improving surgical techniques and designing medical devices.
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Bioengineering Laboratory

The Bioengineering Laboratory continues its tradition of innovation and translational research in the area of joint arthroplasty engineering and in vivo biomechanics.

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Foot & Ankle Research and Innovation Lab (FARIL)

FARIL is a state-of-the-art lab committed to the understanding of foot and ankle health while creating novel approaches to the foot and ankle education, technology and innovation. At its core, FARIL is dedicated to the patient and ensuring that they are receiving the best care. We do this by generating new approaches to foot and ankle problems with both laboratory research and clinical treatment.

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Hand Surgery Clinical Research

One of the most productive clinical research units in hand surgery, we address all aspects of recovery from hand and arm injury and illness.

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Harris Orthopaedics Laboratory

The Harris Orthopaedics Laboratory comprises preclinical biomechanical research and biomaterials testing along with clinical research involving in vivo follow-up of implant performance.

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Harvard Orthopedic Trauma Research Division

The Harvard Orthopedic Trauma Research Division is an inter-institutional, multi-disciplinary team dedicated to understanding the human biological and clinical processes associated with traumatic orthopedic injuries.

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The Laboratory for Therapeutic 3D Bioprinting

At the Laboratory for Therapeutic 3D Bioprinting at Massachusetts General Hospital, we bioprint live micro-tissues that are comparable to human tissues for therapeutic purposes including tissue regeneration, organ regeneration and anticancer therapy.

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Monoclonal Antibody & Immunotherapy Laboratory

The goal of this laboratory is to investigate the role of immunological events in the pathogenesis of orthopedic malignancies and to develop combinatorial immunotherapeutic strategies for the treatment of orthopedic malignancies with special emphasis on translational research.

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Musculoskeletal Genetics & Regenerative Biology Lab

The Musculoskeletal Genetics and Regenerative Biology Laboratory (MGRBL) is committed to expanding our molecular understanding of the formation and regeneration of the musculoskeletal system.

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Sarcoma/Oncology Computational Biology Laboratory

The Sarcoma/Oncology Computational Biology Laboratory conducts cancer genomic/bioinformatics studies in order to detect molecular patterns relevant to tumor outcome and response to conventional or novel treatments.

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SORG Research Group

From developing predictive tools for surgical outcomes to investigating the impact of social determinants of health, SORG innovates and explores in order to push the bounds of universal medical knowledge and practice.

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