Explore more about knee rehab

1. How soon after surgery can I take a shower?

Within two or three days after surgery.

2. When can I change the bandages?

After one or two days.

3. Should I take aspirin?

Yes, unless you have a stomach ulcer or other reason to avoid taking aspirin. Aspirin helps prevent blood clots in the legs (thrombophlebitis). The potential side effect is more bleeding, but this is a much less dangerous side effect.

4. Which exercise should I do?

Tighten and relax the thigh muscles (quadriceps setting exercises) frequently. Move the knee gently. You will get specific exercise instructions from your surgeon's office or your physical therapist.

5. How long should I use my crutches?

Crutches are usually not needed after arthroscopic surgery. Crutches should be used for one to after two weeks following ACL reconstruction. In order to avoid limping, the crutches should be used as long as needed. Sometimes, a single crutch or cane can be used in the hand opposite the knee surgery to avoid limping and control pain.