Core Laboratory

The Core Laboratory is a full-service facility serving both adult and pediatric patients 24 hours a day. The test menu includes general chemistries, hematology, coagulation, blood gas analysis, therapeutic drug testing, endocrine testing, and comprehensive emergency toxicology and psychotropic drug testing services. The laboratory utilizes state-of-the-art technology, including a pneumatic tube transport system, automated analytic systems, and specialized information management to provide rapid services for critical care testing on a 24-hour basis.

The core laboratory consists of the following sections:

  • Central processing:  accessioning and pre-analytic processing for routine core laboratory, special core laboratory, immunology, diabetes, and all reference lab testing
  • Routine core laboratory (chemistry, hematology, coagulation, blood gas, toxicology)
  • Special core laboratory
    • Special coagulation
    • Molecular diagnostics
    • Immunodiagnostics
  • Yawkey laboratory (hematology, chemistry, coagulation)


  • Anand Dighe, MD, PhD - Subspecialty Head, Clinical Core Laboratory
  • Grace Mahowald, MD, PhD - Medical Director, Core Laboratory
  • Sacha Uljon, MD, PhD - Medical Director, Core Laboratory
  • Elizabeth Van Cott, MD - Medical Director, Coagulation Service
  • Abner Louissaint, MD, PhD - Director, Hematology
  • John Higgins, MD
  • Mandakolathur Murali, MD