Watch Dr. Dekel, head of the Dekel Laboratory, present her research into childbirth trauma and maternal PTSD.

Networking: Birth Trauma and Maternal Mental Health

Dr. Dekel leads the "Networking: Birth Trauma and Maternal Mental Health" session at the recent 2020 Mom annual forum.

Maternal Postpartum Study

Dr. Dekel presents her neuroimaging research on maternal PTSD at Harvard’s 2021 Mind Brain Behavior Interfaculty Initiative virtual showcase.

PTSD After Childbirth

Dr. Dekel talks about PTSD following childbirth at the 2020 International Marcé Society for Perinatal Mental Health Biennial Scientific Meeting in October. Dr. Dekel’s talk was part of a symposia on “Trauma, PTSD and Perinatal Health: From Identification of Biomarkers to Intervention.”

What Puts Women at Risk for Developing PTSD Following Childbirth?

Sabrina Chan presents the lab’s research on risk factors of PTSD following childbirth and findings from a COVID-19 sample. This work was presented at the 36th annual (virtual) meeting of the International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies.