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Below is a sampling of the Center for Precision Psychiatry's work featured in the news: 

11.02.22 - EVENT
MGH Center for Precision Psychiatry's 2nd Annual Conference on Precision Psychiatry. 

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10.11.22 - MGH Psychiatry News

Register for the 2nd Annual Conference on Precision Psychiatry: Innovation to Implementation (November 2 and 3, 2022)

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10.05.22 - Massachusetts General Hospital News

Research Spotlight: Environmental Influences Account for More Differences in Child Emotional and Behavioral Symptoms Than Genetic Factors

Research by Dr. Karmel Choi of the Center for Precision Psychiatry

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10.05.22 - All of Us Research Hub
Studying the link between discrimination and depressive symptomsMeet Dr. Heather Lee, a researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital exploring the mental health impact of everyday discrimination during the COVID-19 pandemic.
10.2022 - National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers
2nd Annual Conference on Precision Psychiatry: Innovation to Implementation 

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08.23.22 - MGH Psychiatry News
During the Pandemic, Discrimination Has Taken a Toll on the Mental Health of Racial and Ethnic Minority Populations

Reasearch by Drs. Heather Lee, Zhaowen Liu, and Jordan Smoller of the Center for Precision Psychiatry

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07.27.22 - The Seattle Times

Everyday experiences of racial discrimination tied to serious mental health symptoms, large study finds

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06.05.22 - The Wall Street Journal

A Rise in Suicides by Young Children Leaves Families Searching for Answers: Suicidal thoughts and attempts are more common in younger children than previously thought, and parents often don't know. 

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05.27.22 - MedPage Today
Preteen Suicide a 'Worrying Trend', and Research Is Lacking
15% of preteens have thoughts of suicide, according to meta-analysis. 

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05.11.22 - Science Daily

Multiple diagnoses are the norm for mental illness; A new genetic analysis helps explain why: Study of 11 common psychiatric disorders shows subsets share same genetic architecture

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05.05.22 - Broad Institute
A tool for more accurate disease risk prediction across diverse populations 

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04.05.22 - New York Times
Can A.I.-Driven Voice Analysis Help Identify Mental Disorders?

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