Patients and their families can help to advance research at Massachusetts General Hospital by contributing samples to our bioregistry.

Patients and their families can help to further our research efforts by contributing their blood samples to the biorepository at Massachusetts General Hospital.

A small blood sample, when linked with genetic information and family health history, can be a crucial key in unlocking today's biggest medical mysteries.

The recent decoding of the human genome has ushered in the age of personalized medicine. We now have a greater understanding of the role that genetics plays in cancer, heart disease and other medical conditions.

We are also using genetic information to develop targeted treatments that are more likely to produce positive results and less likely to cause negative side effects.

Our ability to make advances in the field of personalized medicine is directly linked to the number of samples we have in our biorepository.

With a large and varied pool of samples, we can conduct more research and develop more targeted treatments, diagnostics and devices.

Our goal is to grow our biorepository to 50,000 samples over the next five years.

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