About Abigail Bergey

Abigail Bergey is a Clinical Research Coordinator for the FOREVER Study at the CARE Research Center. She graduated from Whitman College in May 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a minor in Gender Studies. At Whitman, Abby found herself drawn to spaces that explored how personal experience and identity impacts wellbeing. While working as a research assistant in Whitman College’s Personality Lab, Abby was able to explore these concepts through self-defining memories within a sexual minority population. She continues to be especially interested in community building and the psychology of belonging as well as the importance of safe, accessible mental health resources, specifically for historically marginalized communities. On the weekend, Abby loves to go on long walks to nowhere in particular and discover new spots around the Boston area. She enjoys cooking with friends whenever she can and hopes to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe one day.

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