About Angie Sanchez, MD

Angie V. Sanchez, MD, is an experienced physician scientist who graduated from medical school in 2012 from Fundacion Universitaria San Matin in Cali, Colombia. As a medical student, she was trained in hospitals and community health centers (CHCs) located in underserved neighborhoods of Cali, focusing her medical education on family and community health. Before moving to the United States, she worked as a primary care physician (PCP) in a public hospital in a small south west town in Colombia that serves rural and low-income populations. Her patients included adults, children and pregnant women, and she conducted different health promotion and disease preventions programs according to the patient age. Her experience in these programs include population at risk for or with cardiovascular and tropical diseases, and conditions like obesity, in addition to management of under risk populations.

Dr. Sanchez has over five years’ experience in translational medicine encompassing outpatient care, basic research on the molecular basis of disease, translational research on therapeutic agents in disease models and development of diagnostic strategies for degenerative human disorders.

Dr. Sanchez’s experience and interest in community health have made her dedicated to the development of new strategies to improve health access and quality of life in minorities according to their individual needs. She is familiar with interdisciplinary collaboration among clinicians, basic researchers and program managers, working towards the successful completion of research projects, federal and foundation funding.

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