About Ashley Richards

Ashley Richards is the Curriculum Director for the Foundations of Representative Engagement, Valid & Effective Recruitment (FOREVER) in AD Research Study, Phase III, at the CARE Research Center. She comes to MGH/ CARE after 9 years at Kaiser Permanente's Division of Research. While there she worked as the Project Manager of two large longitudinal brain health studies. Both studies aimed to examine life course brain health in diverse cohorts. During her tenure her team successfully recruited and retained over 2000 study participants from the Northern California region for over 5 years. 

Prior to her work at Kaiser Permanente she worked as an educator and curriculum developer with the immigrant/refugee population and as a Program Coordinator and Lead Education Coordinator for a non-profit that provides information, education and resources to families of children with special needs. She created curriculum for health systems navigation as well as a parent-to-parent mentor program. 

Ashley works comfortably as a connector or conduit between different groups of people. She encourages open dialogue, which results in collaboration and trust among her staff, peers and scientists she collaborates with.  She is not afraid to have challenging conversations in an on-going effort to support growth and change in the areas of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. 

Departments, Centers & Programs: