Through the CARE Research Center at Massachusetts General Hospital’s community engagement programs, we aim to improve research representation in clinical trials by listening to the needs of the communities that medicine and research intend to serve.

CARE believes in a community-led approach to engagement and empowerment in assessing the true barriers to access clinical trials. In addition, we are committed to developing sustainable partnerships and programming in collaboration with community organizations and leaders in order to address the needs and concerns that impact health disparities and underrepresentation in research. We know that limited access to clinical trials may lead to poorer medicine and health outcomes, and we are committed to working with the community to address these inequities. Through our community engagement programming, we hope to build opportunities to make sure that better treatments are developed for all.

Our engagement with the community is based on traditional approaches, by going out to the community and giving talks, tabling, health fairs and one-on-ones, combined with our innovative aspects of community engagement such as:


Jonathan Jackson leads a discussion at Vitality617
Dr. Jackson leads a discussion at Vitality617

Vitality617 is a movement committed to advancing community-led wellness and equity across Roxbury, Massachusetts. By focusing on the vital elements of everyday life, Vitality617 brings together local organizations, aid, services and resources to serve the most vulnerable members of Roxbury.

Trustees Board

The CARE Trustees Board is an advisory board comprised of community leaders and stakeholders who set our terms of accountability and community-oriented recruitment and engagement frameworks.

Research Consultations

CARE consults help clinical researchers and citizen scientists alike remove barriers to accessing cutting-edge clinical research opportunities through innovative solutions to community engagement, participation and partnership. Mass General Brigham affiliates can submit consultation requests online through the Division of Clinical Research.