The broad goal of the Biological Biomarker Consultation (BBC) Unit is to provide consultations to investigators interested in the adoption of biological biomarkers in their studies and to constitute a consortium of experts in biological biomarkers within Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Mass General Brigham (MGB).

The Unit's specific approaches to meeting this goal include:

  • Identifying experts in biological biomarker research and their clinical applications within MGH, MGB and beyond and constituting a consortium of such experts.
  • Assessing the needs from both researchers and clinicians regarding the development and use of biological biomarkers.
  • Providing information about the resources for biological biomarker studies upon requests and encouraging collaborations with biological biomarker experts locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Advancing the research and clinical utilization of biological biomarkers at MGH and MGB.
Director: Zhongcong Xie (