The Omics Unit in the Division of Clinical Research assists investigators in genetic and genomic study design and execution.

The missions of the Division of Clinical Research's Omics Unit are threefold:

  • Provide consultative support to clinical and fundamental investigators initiating or planning genetic and genomic studies at Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Support investigators already performing such studies through educational programs and process improvements
  • Serve as a link between the Mass General clinical research community and the educational and technological platforms in Omics research of the Partners HealthCare System and the greater Harvard medical community

As genomic medicine becomes a reality, the Omics Unit continues to make significant progress in arming Mass General clinical research teams with the knowledge and tools needed to incorporate or expand genomic and other omics in their clinical research studies.

Omics consultations from the Division of Clinical Research are designed to assist investigators in genetic study design and execution, human subject protection, career advice and resource identification.

A newer emphasis of the unit has been on emerging technologies for metabolomic and proteomic profiling of human samples, with the goal of optimizing sample throughput, cost and breadth of analytical coverage.

Requests are triaged by the Omics Unit and assigned to specific consultants depending on expertise and availability.