Inspiring Early Researchers to Pursue Careers in Translational Science

As a companion to the Bridging Academia and Industry Educational Program, the Longfellow Project launched the Translational Sciences Fellowship Program to provide promising scientists, PhDs or MDs, with support and mentorship to perform original research in a leading academic medical center while gaining hands-on experience on how to translate new discoveries to clinical practice.

The program has the capacity to change the career trajectory of recipients who demonstrate capacity and high interest in applying science to address medical and biological questions. This fellowship supports early career researchers who have excelled in the Bridging Academia and Industry Educational Program in taking the next steps in their research and in pursuing careers in translational science.

This fellowship program will help build a community of collaborative researchers skilled at communicating with physicians, defining the problem to be solved, selecting relevant solutions that consider the basics of the market ecosystem, and engaging in collaborations with industry partners.

Fellows will benefit from our unique cross-disciplinary model with mentors from research and translational science. They will spend 75% of their time performing a specific hands-on research project.