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The latest news and notes from the investigators supported by our philanthropy-driven MGH Research Scholars program.
    Lab Day video
    Lab Day video

    How A Small Fish Could Make a Big Difference in the Future of Cancer Research

    Researchers in the lab of David Langenau, PhD, MGH Research Scholar 2017-2022, have developed a new zebrafish model for cancer that could help match patients to the right treatments.

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    Saxena Featured on Mass General's Charged Podcast

    Richa Saxena, PhD, Phyllis and Jerome Lyle Rappaport MGH Research Scholar 2017-2022, discusses her research into the genetics of sleep and how it connects to disorders such as diabetes.

    How Immune Cells in Your Gut Could Affect the Speed of Your Metabolism

    A research team led by Filip Swirski, PhD, Patricia and Scott Eston MGH Research Scholar 2016-2021, identifed a way in which immune cells can impact your ability to lose weight.

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