Sylvie Breton, PhD, the Charles and Ann Sanders MGH Research Scholar
Sylvie Breton, PhD, the Charles and Ann Sanders MGH Research Scholar

Supporting Visionary Thinkers

The Massachusetts General Hospital Research Scholars program was started to provide forward-thinking researchers with the funding they need to take their work into new and uncharted territories.

Typically, scientists are dependent on funding from organizations like the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to carry on their research. This is a time-consuming process, and the NIH rarely funds projects that have little supporting data.

One of the hospital’s longtime aspirations has been to provide support for exceptional researchers whose research is not readily funded by the NIH or other sources.

History has shown that talented scientists who are given free rein to explore new frontiers are the ones who often make the greatest advances.

The MGH Research Scholars Fund

Donors who make a gift of $500,000 are offered a naming opportunity whereby an MGH Research Scholar awardee will carry that named title for five years. Donors and named MGH Research Scholars have a unique opportunity to form an ongoing relationship through laboratory tours and special research updates enabling supporters to follow the science as it unfolds.

The funds can be used to expand the scope of existing research, purchase new equipment, hire additional researchers or otherwise support the investigative efforts of our scholars.

Stories About Our Scholars

Peter L. Slavin, MD

Mass General Research Keeps a Strong Patient Focus

Mass General President Peter L. Slavin, MD, says the impact of the unrestricted support provided by the visionary supporters of the MGH Research Scholar program has led to remarkable results.

Gary Tearney, MD, PhD

Research Scholars: The Power of Bold Giving and Big Ideas

One researcher's development of a swallowable, diagnostic imaging capsule underscores the progress and promise of the MGH Research Scholars program.

Cammie Lesser, MD, PhD

Lesser hopes to turn harmful bacteria into a tool for healing

Cammie Lesser, MD, PhD, has always been fascinated by the way bacterial pathogens manipulate cells inside the human body. She plans to use her scholar funding to pursue a new strategy in the battle between bacteria and humans—taking a process that originally evolved to help harmful bacteria spread and reengineering it to provide a helpful function instead.

Daphne Holt, MD, PhD

Brain imaging studies provide new insights into the biological basis of behaviors in schizophrenia and autism

Daphne Holt, MD, PhD, is exploring how perceptions of personal space differ in individuals with schizophrenia, and how these differences contribute to symptoms such as isolation and withdrawal.

Jay Rajagopal, MD

New method for expanding adult stem cells could revolutionize lung disease research

A new process for replicating adult human stem cells in the lab developed by Jay Rajagopal, MD, has the potential to provide researchers with game-changing insights into the progression of diseases in the lungs and other organs.

Support our Scholars

To learn more about the MGH Research Scholars program or to find out how you can support these visionary thinkers, please contact Kate Gutierrez in our Development office.

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