The Center for Transplantation Sciences (CTS) at Massachusetts General Hospital offers opportunities for interested scientists to participate in leading research on organ and bone marrow transplantation.

Training Program in Transplantation Biology (5T32AI007529)

Transplantation is an exciting field of clinical medicine with great potential for alleviating human disease. Clinical transplantation is intimately associated with basic and translational scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School (HMS) in immunology and related disciplines and, as such, this field provides tremendous opportunities for the training of scientists. Mass General and HMS have outstanding teams of MD and PhD scientists devoted to all aspects of transplantation—from the most basic molecular level to clinical transplantation—providing a unique environment that fosters training at the interface of clinical care and basic science.

The purpose of the T32 training program is to mentor young scientists and physician scientists in basic and translational research as well as in the diverse lines of investigation related to transplantation biology, with emphases on immunological mechanisms and translational applications. Participating faculty members with diverse but complementary research interests, a successful record of collaboration and a commitment to training young investigators provide trainees with exposure to a diverse range of topics related to transplantation immunobiology. This program builds on Mass General's unique and dynamic environment to optimize individual training and mentorship experiences, by:

  • Expanding into new areas of research
  • Recruiting trainees and faculty from underrepresented groups in transplant research
  • Advancing excellence in the field of transplantation