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Rick Slayman Discharge Statement

Read the discharge statement from patient Rick Slayman, recipient of the world’s first genetically-edited pig kidney transplant, performed at Massachusetts General Hospital.

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Returning to His Breath: Phil’s Lung Transplant Story

Phil Feinman was diagnosed with hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP), a rare interstitial lung disease in which an allergic reaction leads to inflamed lungs. He shares his lung transplant experience at Mass General and how life has been after recovery.

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Mass General Transplant Center Addresses Health Disparities in the Kidney Transplant Process

In the past, the calculation of the estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) for Black individuals could result in an overestimation of kidney function, which could delay their disease stage identification, treatment, and listing for transplantation. The United Organ Sharing Network has removed the race variable in the eGFR calculation, making it race-neutral. Learn more.

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Researchers-Bioengineer-an-Endocrine-Pancreas-for-Type-1-Diabetes. Researchers-Bioengineer-an-Endocrine-Pancreas-for-Type-1-Diabetes. Key Takeaways • Transplanting donor islet tissue to a bioengineered omentum—the fatty tissue that drapes from

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