The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the way health care providers interact and communicate with patients. The Massachusetts General Hospital Transplant Center adopted virtual visits to continue providing safe and effective patient care during the height of the pandemic. The Transplant Center also quickly transitioned to sharing educational materials online to better serve patients and support virtual visits.

And now as a new way to share news, communicate patient education materials and engage with the transplant community, the Transplant Center has launched new social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Sharing Important News, Advances and Stories

The Mass General Transplant Center is the largest in New England, offering adult and pediatric transplants for all organs. The field of transplantation is constantly evolving with new clinical and research advances. A national leader in transplant research and innovation, the center’s goals are to share and promote the latest studies, health care guidelines, policy and relevant news. Previously, the Transplant Center team leveraged digital tools, like Facebook Live and Instagram Takeovers, to provide education and share stories. With these new social media channels, clinicians, nurses, coordinators and other members of the team will speak directly to the transplant community on the topics most interesting to them. And most importantly, they provide a platform for sharing stories about organ donors and their families.

The center also hopes to promote awareness of collaborations with important partners like the National Kidney Foundation, American Heart Association and New England Donor Services, all of whom do mission critical work in the field.

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