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About the Psychiatry Transplant Program

The Massachusetts General Hospital Transplant Center’s multidisciplinary approach to organ, bone marrow and stem cell transplantation includes psychiatrists who specialize in working with transplant patients and donors.

Transplant patients can sometimes find the adjustment to their new post-transplantation lives more difficult than they had anticipated. Physical and emotional changes from immunosuppression, concerns about the donor of the organ and fears about organ rejection or the recuperation process can cause anxiety in some patients and interfere with their quality of life.

The psychiatrists in the Psychiatry Transplant Program have significant experience and are leaders in the field of transplantation psychiatry.

Our team of psychiatrists provides:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of mood, anxiety and addiction issues
  • Education about stress reduction and enhancing quality of life during and after the transplant
  • Screening for patients and living donors prior to transplantation
  • Support and counseling around transplantation

Transplant psychiatrists provide essential contributions to the transplant teams and to the patients and families they serve.