Massachusetts General Hospital is committed to providing the care you need—and we are taking unprecedented steps to keep you safe during COVID-19. In this video, Katrina Armstrong, MD, physician-in-chief of the Department of Medicine, discusses the enhanced screening, safety and cleaning measures Mass General is using for the benefit of patients and staff. View Mass General’s Safe Care Commitment to learn more. 

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Welcome to Massachusetts General Hospital. My name is Katrina Armstrong, and I’m the physician-in-chief. Over the last months we have developed new and unprecedented ways to make sure that our patients, our staff and everybody who comes to the Mass General is safe throughout the time they are here. We screen to identify patients, visitors or members of our staff who might have symptoms and should be referred for testing or care, and that ensures that everybody within our hospital has been screened to make sure they do not have symptoms of COVID-19.

Here at Mass General we are taking cleaning extremely seriously. We’ve developed new procedures to ensure that we’re cleaning all high-touch surfaces frequently and with the appropriate cleansers. We’re using hand sanitizer and every possible method to make sure that anybody who comes to the hospital is in the cleanest possible environment.

We protect everyone who comes to the Mass General in multiple ways. We wear masks to prevent the transmission of viruses. We’re rearranging our physical spaces to ensure that everyone is able to maintain the appropriate distance when they come to the hospital. Don’t delay contacting us for an appointment.

For patients where we’re able to deliver care virtually, we’ve established new ways where they can get access to their doctor and to our health care system over video or telephone, ensuring that everybody can get what they need in whatever way makes them feel the most safe and is most appropriate for their needs. Over the last months we’ve transformed how we deliver care to those who come from a range of backgrounds, who speak different languages. We are now better positioned than ever to make sure that our world-class care can be accessed by everybody across our community.

We are here for you—and looking forward to caring for you and your family.