Massachusetts General Hospital operates a Junior Volunteer Program for children ages 16 and 17 each year during the summer and the fall.

The program is designed to provide those who qualify with an opportunity to give back to the community, while providing the opportunity to experience both the values of volunteerism and the field of healthcare.

Junior volunteers work alongside Mass General staff and adult volunteers and have daily contact with patients and families in a variety of hospital settings. All new junior volunteers are trained as patient escorts. They help patients get to their doctor’s appointments or assist with escorting patients who are being discharged from the hospital.

This is a position that requires independence, maturity, flexibility, excellent people, communication and immediate problem-solving skills.

MGH offers two Junior Volunteer Programs for children ages 16 and 17:

  • The Summer Program is offered in July and August. The date to apply for the Summer Program is the first Monday in March.
  • The Fall Program is offered from October through April (after school). The date to apply for the Fall Program is the first Monday in August.

Please contact the Volunteer Department at 617-726-8540 with any questions.